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The Short Story


Lessons of Lions: 31 Exclusive Lessons They Don't Teach You In School is an alternative curriculum and/or support to traditional studies that helps readers gain a strong sense of self and discipline despite enduring trauma.


It emphasizes the importance of developing the reader's 

mind, actions, energy, emotions, finances & legacy! 


Lessons of Lions provides the blueprint of healthy and happy living from those who worked their way out of the

"Mediocre Many (95%) of their generation" and earned their way

into the "Successful Few (5%) of their generation".


lessons of lions

part I features

  • Self-awareness & achievement principals  

  • Self-assessment skills &relationship competency

  • Time & Attention management techniques

  • A Lifetime Maximum Achievement Plan (LifeMAP)

  • How to create SMARTSYSTEMS to Succeed

  • Developing healthy & helpful habits to succeed

  • Confidence & Mental Toughness strategies 

  • Personal Finance Foundations 

  • Wealth Creation strategies & More



Lessons of Lions was written to give readers a structured set of principles, practices, and strategies to immediately achieve better results in every area of their lives.

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